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4front       The InTouch FZE team have been a pleasure to work with over the last three years. They have consistently demonstrated their ability to deliver suffocated technical solutions at the highest level and in doing so allow our clients the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

 Ed O'Reilly 

Executive Director | 4FRONT Consultants

“We are using Internet Control Server, WiFi voucher system, Fax Server, InTouch FZE virtualization solution as well as other innovative IT solutions in our Head-Office and many branches as well as coffee-shops all round Dubai. ICS helped us with internal Internet Control, secure isolation and access to Company resources from inside/outside as well as connected our branches to one network. Major issue we were having with our Point-of-sale machines connection to network and head office, was resolved with ICS introduction”

IT team 

Moka Trade, Dubai

“InTouch FZE and its supported Internet Control Server helped us to organize internal document workflow, transparent mail backup for all the users as well as provided secure proxy functionality”


Elias Abboud

Managing Director

Gaia Engineering

"Intouch FZE connected and virtualized our offices in global branches network using Internet Control Server and their Virtualization solution and eqipped us with IP telephony as well. Flexible functionality and ability to control internal user’s delivery, Internet usage accounting and reporting. This resulted in productivity increase for office in general. As a Company involved in Security Surveillance we are happy to use daily those IT security benefits InTouch providing us and use their solutions and expertize in combination with our Surveillance offerings”.

Noun Nasreddine

Executive Manager

Eurovision Technology