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Intouch FZE offers no-further obligation IT infrastructure audit meaning you are free to take any decision based on our advisory. Our expert will visit your site to create an easy to understand report.




Documentation is the most important part of any network. If your business has any kind of network problem, without up to date documentation, problems take a lot longer to fix. InTouch FZE will document your current network configuration and provide advice on how the network can be made more resilient and efficient.


InTouch FZE  will document the vendor, model and serials of all computer equipment to provide instant support for any issue. Using this information we can advise you regarding the warranty status of any machine and provide you with an upgrade plan as hardware comes out of vendor support or to the end of serviceable life.

Operating Systems

We upgrade the operating systems to the latest security standards and harden your servers against any exploits.

Backup configurations

All of your network devices have configurations that need to be backed up so that they can be restored in case of equipment failure. InTouch FZE will review and advice policies and procedures to backup your configurations and provide them to you as part of our infrastructure report. 


We will audit your business software and look into the software licensing models that you employ. We can advise you if you can make cost savings using a different licensing model.

Server and Desktop Security Software

When a PC or server becomes infected with a Virus or Spyware you will discover just how vital it is to have some kind of protection. In these stressful situations you may find your work grinding to a halt. Further more it can be extremely upsetting to know that you have a current anti-virus solution which has not been discovered or resolved the problem.

InTouch FZE will check your current Anti-Virus and Spyware solutions to make sure that your equipment is protected from attack. We will ensure that each piece of equipment is covered by an Anti-Virus product that is up to date and working as it should.

Network diagram of your IT infrastructure 

Once we have completed our audit we will present you with a fully documented network diagram which will provide you with all the critical information you require to respond instantly in case of any problems with your network. 

Your servers, desktops and laptops are the core of your business and need to have your equipment available 100% of the time. Intouch FZE can ensure your computers are in prime condition.

We will document your current server hardware and create a report that shows where all of your essential network services are currently located. We will also provide a data map so that you can see where your data is currently stored.


Your business network needs to be highly secure to protect your critical business data. InTouch FZE will make recommendations on how to improve the security of your network from malicious attacks. 


It is important to keep your network equipment at the latest firmware levels, failure to do so may mean that your network is open to known vulnerabilities and can be easily exploited.  InTouch FZE will review the latest firmware revisions and advice if any upgrade is needed.


Is your business  reliant on one network device? How long would it take your business to recover if this device fails? InTouch FZE will advise on how to build redundancy into your network to reduce or eliminate the amount of downtime if any hardware fails.