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ICS at Home

ICS for family is:

  •  Secure Home storage for electronic documents, files and movie-library
  •  Connection to our home PCs from anywhere in the world
  •  Powerful Proxy server with Internet content filtering and automatic updater

ICS for parents is:

  •  Children protection from harmful Internet resources
  •  Protection of home network from Viruses and unauthorized access
  •  Transparent Children Internet traffic supervision, accounting and time control

ICS for children:

  •  Fun and personal development with build-in Gallery, Forum, Web applications
  •  Safe Internet browsing with Antivirus and AntiSpam
  •  Organized study , entertainment and time allocation in the Internet, based on the rules applied

ICS for home:

  • Fully functional version with all advanced features included
  •  Free one-time non-expiry license for up to 8 home users
  •  Free regular automatic online Internet updates