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IP Telephony

  • Reduced cost to concentrate on core business functions 

  • Automation of routine administrative functions 

  • Riddance of intra-site long distance expenses 

  • Reduced administration as well as network costs 

  • Effective optimization of existing resources 

  • Elimination of risks associated with vendor lock-in 

  • Integrated applications 

  • Simplified administration in connection with telecommunications infrastructure 

  • Enhanced efficiency of IT resources 

  • Guaranteed service delivery 

  • Enhanced operational efficiencies 

  • Effectively bring together mobile and remote employees 
  • and many more...

Typical office in Bussiness Bay, Dubai, UAE network diagram:


network diagram no addressing


  • Provider - DU, copper ADSL line, 1 telephone line, 1 fax line
  • 4 Virtual machines - Fax and Ownloud Servers, Internet Control Server, Windows virtual machine of your choice, each provided with 4GB RAM
  • Dell PowerEdge R710 with 16GB RAM as  a host server, 6 1TB Hard Drives in Raid-10


  • Stationary Cisco, SNOM, Mocet, GrandStream or other SIP enabled phones, Mobile IP phones (Android, Apple, Symbian, Java) as virtual extentions
  • Asterisk based management GUI
  • IVR for office and non-officce hours, Call forwarding, DND, Caller ID, pin caller authentication, hunting calling group, follow me, voicemail
  • Support of simultaneous Voice conferences
  • Call recording
  • Mobile extentions over the Internet to use Asterisk
  • Fax server with option to send and receive faxes over the email and additional windows client
  • Corporate phone book
  • etc...

Please follow the list of hardware telephones we use here - Cisco, Mocet, Polycom