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mocet IP3022

The MOCET IP3022/21A series is easy-to-use high quality desk phone with versatile advanced features including secure calling with trusted layer security (TLS), secure real-time transfer protocol (SRTP), IP security (IPsec) virtual private network (VPN) client, and instant messaging. Based on IP3000 family technologies and design, the IP3022/21A series support up to three simultaneous lines and can be positioned in two tilt angles and has a wall mount option as well as support power choice of Ethernet PoE(*) and power adaptor. The IP3022/21A series can be configured through the backlight LCD or access to its web interface.

The IP3022/21A series can be automatically provisioned from a local or Internet based server using the built-in MOCET auto-provisioning and management protocols.The IP3022/21A series supports many advanced features including 3-way on-phone conferencing, can transfer and receive calls using industry-standard SIP protocols, and can provide built-in music-on-hold (MoH) over IP network. The phone family is also interoperable with a wide range of SIP services and servers including those based on Metaswitch™, Broadsoft™, Freeswitch™, 3CX™ and Asterisk™. Therefore, the IP3022 /21A series can be deployed and used anywhere there is a suitable local area network (LAN) with Internet access and a local or remotely hosted SIP server.

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